This is a collection of ten papers handed out to the audience at the presentation on climate change given at the Redding Public Library on 2 May 2013. 



FLYER – This is the document used to advertise the presentation. 


OUTLINE – This is the proposed outline of the presentation, listing the subjects to be covered and the order of presentation. 


APPROACH – This document covers my approach to the topic and more or less defines what scientific evidence is and what scientific evidence is not. 


DEFINITIONS – This is a two-page set of definitions of common climate change terms that will be used in the presentation. 


REDDING CLIMATE CHART – This is a Sunshine Guide prepared for the Redding, CA area.  It was prepared based on records dating back to 1875. 


RADIANT HEAT BUDGET TABLE – This table shows how the Earth’s atmosphere is primarily heated by absorption of radiation from the Earth and from the Sun and which gases do the absorbing. 


VOSTOK GRAPHS – Three graphs from ice cores recovered from the Antarctic station at Vostok.  The graphs show proxy surface temperatures, carbon dioxide concentrations, and dust concentrations. 


GISP2 GRAPH – This is a graph of proxy surface temperatures derived from ice cores from the Summit station of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project. 


CLIMATE CHANGES SINCE THE LAST ICE AGE – This essay covers major events in global heating and cooling since the peak of the last ice age.  The last page is an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY on climate change. 





Copyright 2007 by Patrick J. Tyson

Last edited in January of 2014