INTRODUCTION – This division explains what I intend these writings to be, why I am writing them, and why I chose the .pdf format to do so. 



FOUNDATION – This division establishes the philosophical basis of the collection (The Three Principles).  It also defines the frame of reference that is used in most of them (Proximity Space).  This latter essay requires careful reading, but is essential to understanding the terms used in the divisions below. 



THE BASIC PARAMETERS – This division derives the twelve basic gaseous molecular parameters from the assumptions described in Foundation. 



HEAT AND TEMPERATUREThis is a collection of essays on heat and temperature.  It introduces a simple and elegant definition of gas temperatures, and a novel approach to the concept of latent heat (enthalpies of vaporization, melting, etc.). 



PRESSURE AND WINDThese essays deal with the varying nature of atmospheric pressures under a variety of conditions and with the nature of wind.  Also included are essays on the weight-force fallacy of atmospheric pressures and the barometric fallacy. 



ATMOSPHERIC WATER:  This extensive series of papers describes the behavior of water in all three of its phases in the free atmosphere from the kinetic gas and statistical mechanical perspectives.  The number of papers reflects the importance of water in virtually all weather phenomena.  Maxwell’s Daemon makes a cameo appearance. 



USEFUL CONCEPTS:  These papers represent a collection of useful ideas and concepts on a variety topics from the divisions above—plus a few others.  Many of these papers contain hypotheses in which I differ from other scholars in important ways. 



APPENDICES – This section contains papers that I don’t want to omit, but which do not fit conveniently into any of the above sections.  They range from the philosophical (The Nature of Science) to the intensely practical (Units and Measures), and from the elementary (Exponential Notation) to the advanced (Water:  Some Useful Values). 



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Last edited in December of 2016