For web-viewing convenience, Europe is divided into three sections: 



NORTHERN EUROPE - This includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, all of Scandinavia, and the three Benelux nations.  Their climates have a lot in common.  Their summers feature long days that are frequently cloudy, wet, and mild to cool in temperature.  



CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE - This section includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, and all of the eastern European countries that were once thought of as part of the “Eastern Bloc”.  Again, their climates have a lot in common.  There are usually four distinct seasons, and winters can be cold and snowy. 



WESTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE - This includes Portugal and all of the European countries that border on the Mediterranean Sea.  Most of these countries have a variant of the Mediterranean Climate over much of their area (sunny dry summers and mild wet winters).




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